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November 12, 2021
J-STAGE Data has been registered in (external link) (external link), which is a global registry of research data repositories and includes repositories that enable permanent storage of and access to data sets.
March 25, 2021
JST expands the scope of the service of J-STAGE Data.
Applications for J-STAGE Data are open to journal publishers that are currently using J-STAGE. To check whether a journal uses J-STAGE Data, please contact the journal publisher.
If you are interested, please contact J-STAGE Data by email:
data-contact[at] (replace [at] with @)
J-STAGE Data (external link) (external link)

J-STAGE Data is a repository for data related to articles published on J-STAGE. Publishing data on J-STAGE Data makes it easier to browse, find, cite and use. This in turn is expected to increase the visibility and discoverability of articles and journals on J-STAGE.

Data published on J-STAGE Data is assigned a DOI and can be browsed, cited, and reused independently of the associated article in J-STAGE. Data on J-STAGE Data and articles on J-STAGE are reciprocally linked, and article pages include a preview of the data.

Data on J-STAGE Data is published open access and is thus freely accessible; each data item is labelled with a license that describes the conditions for secondary use. By promoting data sharing and reuse, J-STAGE Data is supporting the principles of open science.
Articles with data in J-STAGE Data will display a preview of the data on the article page. This preview function is available only for data in J-STAGE Data; no preview is displayed for data published in data repositories other than J-STAGE Data.

J-STAGE Data was launched on March 16, 2020. Release note (Japanese)