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Effects of “Parental Involvement” on Infants Delay in Eating and Speaking Functions
Takashi OKADANaomi OKADAMamiko OTA
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2023 年 23 巻 p. 43-55


Kataoka points out changes in the circumstances surrounding young children, particularly the time spent the media, such as television and smartphones, may negatively affect infants' speaking functions. In this study, it was investigated the effects of "Involvement of the parents" and "Time spent watched the media" on infants "Have or haven't delay in eating function" and "Have or haven't delay in talking function". In addition, this study aimed to clarify whether there is a relationship between "Delay in eating function" and "Delay in speaking function" in infants.Twenty-three children (13 boys and 10 girls, mean age 30 ± 9.1 months) attending a nursery school (Yamaguchi prefecture) were studied. The results showed that "The time spent watched the media" was significantly longer in the group have delay speak than in the group haven't delay. The score of "Talking" in parent's involvement was significantly lower in the group have delay language comprehension than in the group haven't delay language comprehension. the results of logistic regression analysis suggested that the time spent watched the media had an impact on delay in speaking function. In conclusion, he responsive relation with the person who is close rather than the one-way information through the electronic device is important for "Speaking function".

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