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Remaking and Spiral Development: Language Internal Creativity Surviving through Time
大橋 克洋
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2020 年 5 巻 p. 1-21


This historical linguistic inquiry has as its main purpose the development of a serious debate on the tendency for a linguistic form or structure to revert to a historically antecedent model and remake itself in its older image. The undertaking is ambitious enough to advance the following line-up of propositions: 1. the paper takes an analytical look at a distinct number of hard facts adducible in support of the view that the above-synopsized tendency, termed remaking, is a dynamic and pervasive driving force motivating language change; 2. based on the scrutiny of marked examples available to observation, the paper argues that the same tendency is ineluctably accountable for the uninterrupted revitalization of language and its perpetual vibrancy and reasons that this movement towards self-regeneration innate in language should be defined as language-internal creativity surviving through time; 3. it is maintained that almost like a design feature, the tendency in question is intrinsic to language and is set in motion whenever the need for it is felt. Amid the plurality of comparable postulates and proposals already known to the realm of historical linguistics, the contention here is unmatched in the extent to which it stresses and dilates on the incrementally procreative regeneration (spiral development) recognizable in the predominant type of recurrence of antecedent models.

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