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QSAR Studies with E-State Index: Predicting Pharmacophore Signals for Estrogen Receptor Binding Affinity of Triphenylacrylonitriles
Subhendu MukherjeeArup MukherjeeAchintya Saha
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2005 年 28 巻 1 号 p. 154-157


In connection to developing non-steroidal estrogen analogs, the present study explores the pharmacophore of triphenylacrylonitriles (Fig. 1) for binding affinity to estrogen receptor using Electrotopological State (E-State) indices of constituting atoms. The analysis shows the efficacy of E-State index in developing statistically acceptable model, which defines the electronic environment and topological states of diverse atoms in a molecule. The investigation concluded that electrophilic substitutions at C6 and C18 of the phenyl rings (A and C rings respectively) attached to C2 and C1 of ethylenic moiety, along with presence of hydroxyl substitution at C12 (ring B) and no. of non-hydrogen free terminal atoms of the molecule have influence on the binding affinity to the estrogen receptor.

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