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Antianginal Effects of Lercanidipine on the Vasopressin or Methacholine Induced Anginal Model in Rats
Toshinobu SasakiHirofumi MaruyamaYoshio KaseShuichi TakedaMasaki Aburada
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2005 年 28 巻 5 号 p. 811-816


The antianginal effects of lercanidipine, a newly synthesized 1,4-dihydropyridine derivative calcium channel antagonist, were evaluated in experimental angina model rats and the effects were compared with those of nifedipine, benidipine and amlodipine. In the vasopressin-induced angina model, intravenous administration of lercanidipine dose-dependently suppressed vasopressin-induced ST-depression. Amlodipine barely suppressed it, while benidipine, at the same dose, completely suppressed it. Nifedipine had a potency between that of amlodipine and benidipine. Oral administration of lercanidipine showed similar effects to the intravenous administration test on ST change. High doses of amlodipine, benidipine and nifedipine suppressed ST-depression by almost 100%. In the methacholine-induced angina model, lercanidipine suppressed the ST elevation dose dependently. Amlodipine barely suppressed it, while benidipine at 30 μg/kg effected almost total suppression. Nifedipine had a potency between that of amlodipine and benidipine. Intraduodenal administration of lercanidipine also suppressed the ST-elevation dose dependently. Nifedipine, benidipine and amlodipine at 10 mg/kg all markedly suppressed the elevation. Lercanidipine was more potent than the other calcium channel antagonists tested. In conclusion, it was explicitly demonstrated that lercanidipine exerts potent protective effects on the ischemic electrocardiography (ECG) changes in a variety of putative angina pectoris models in rats. An antispasmolytic coronary vasodilating action may be involved in the mechanism. It is expected that lercanidipine will be useful as an antianginal agent.

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