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Studies on Palauan Medicinal Herbs. II. Activation of Mouse Macrophages RAW 264.7 by Ongael, Leaves of Phaleria cumingii (MEISN.) F. VILL. and Its Acylglucosylsterols
Hideaki MatsudaMasashi TokunagaHiroyasu IwahashiShunsuke NarutoHideki YagiTakashi MasukoMichinori Kubo
ジャーナル フリー

2005 年 28 巻 5 号 p. 929-933


The extract of Ongael [leaves of Phaleria cumingii (MEISN.) F. VILL.], a Palauan medicinal herb, enhanced an in vitro phagocytic activity of mouse macrophages RAW 264.7 cells (RAW 264.7). Activity-guided fractionation of the Ongael extract by the in vitro phagocytosis assay using RAW 264.7 led to the isolation of a mixture of acylglucosylsterols (1) as an active constituent along with other inactive constituents, tetracosanol and mangiferin. On the basis of chemical modifications and spectral analyses, the compound 1 was deduced to be a mixture of the known 3-O-(6-O-acyl-β-D-glucosyl)-β-sitosterols, the acyl moiety being mainly palmitoyl (57%), oleoyl (12%) and α-linolenoyl (12%) with small amount of stearoyl (7%) and linoleoyl (4%).

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