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Antimicrobial Effect of trans-Cinnamaldehyde, (−)-Perillaldehyde, (−)-Citronellal, Citral, Eugenol and Carvacrol on Airborne Microbes Using an Airwasher
Kei SatoSabine KristGerhard Buchbauer
ジャーナル フリー

2006 年 29 巻 11 号 p. 2292-2294


Citral, trans-cinnamaldehyde, (−)-perillaldehyde, (−)-citronellal, eugenol and carvacrol were tested for their influence on microbial count in air by vaporizing with an air washer. The highest antibacterial activity was observed when (−)-perillaldehyde was sprayed. The average reduce of germ count was 53%. On the other hand, the antimicrobial activity of eugenol was the lowest of these six compounds. The average reduction of germ count was 13%. When water without volatile compounds was sprayed, the colony forming units increased. These results suggest the utility of selected aroma-compounds for the control of bacteria in the room.

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