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In Vivo Characterization of Sedative Activities of Fossilia Mastodi OSSIS
Jeoung-Hee HaMaan-Gee LeeSoo-Min ChangJae-Tae Lee
ジャーナル フリー

2006 年 29 巻 7 号 p. 1414-1417


Fossilia Mastodi OSSIS, which is a skeletal fossil of a Mastodon, an ancient mammal, has been found to have anxiolytic, sedative and anticonvulsant activities in Oriental medicine. In this study, in vivo characterization of the sedative activities of Fossilia Mastodi OSSIS was performed in order to obtain basic information for the development of a putative natural sedative. The 80% methanol extract of Fossilia Mastodi OSSIS given per os at a dose of 3 g/kg in mice showed anxiolysis, potentiation of pentobarbital sleeping time, reduced locomotor activity, and anticonvulsive activity. Fossilia elicited GABAA receptor-mediated anxiolysis. The data obtained suggest that the 80% methanol extract of Fossilia Mastodi OSSIS contains some biologically active principles with sedative activity.

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