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Transcriptome Analysis of PC12 Cells Reveals That trans-Banglene Upregulates RT1-CE1 and Downregulates abca1 in the Neurotrophic Pathway
Masaki ShojiRisa OkamotoTaishi UnnoKenichi HaradaMiwa KuboYoshiyasu FukuyamaTakashi Kuzuhara
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2022 年 45 巻 12 号 p. 1784-1790


trans-Banglene and cis(c)-banglene possess neurotrophin-like activity in rat neurons. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying t-banglene-induced neurotrophic activity in rat and human neurons remain unclear. Here, we performed transcriptome analysis in PC12 cells, a rat adrenal gland pheochromocytoma cell line treated with t-banglene, using comprehensive RNA sequencing. The differentially expressed gene analysis of the sequencing data revealed that the expression of RT1 class I, locus CE1 (RT1-CE1) was upregulated, and that of ATP binding cassette subfamily A member 1 (abca1), myosin light chain 6, and hippocampus abundant transcript 1 was downregulated in t-banglene-treated PC12 cells, with statistically significant differences. We also confirmed the RT1-CE1 upregulation and abca1 downregulation in t-banglene-treated PC12 cells by real-time reverse transcription quantitative PCR. RT1-CEl is a major histocompatibility complex class I (MHCI) protein. ABCAl is a major cholesterol transporter that regulates efflux of intracellular cholesterol and phospholipids. Thus, our results suggest an exciting link between MHCI, cholesterol regulation, and neural development.

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