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Quiescent B Cells Acquire Sensitivity to Cell Cycle Arresting Agents by B Cell Receptor Stimulation
Takanatsu HosokawaShinya TanakaTakeshi MoriYoshihiro BabaYoshiki Katayama
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2022 Volume 45 Issue 7 Pages 847-850


For the treatment of autoimmune diseases, depletion of B cells specific for auto-antigens is important because they will be a source of plasmablasts/plasma cells to produce autoantibodies. However, because some types of B cells like naïve B cells and memory B cells are at quiescent phase, they are insensitive to anticancer drugs which exert cytotoxicity by arresting the cell cycle. Here we show that B cell receptor (BCR) stimulation increases the sensitivity of anticancer drugs by promoting the proliferation of quiescent B cells. The BCR stimulation to primary naïve B cells enhanced sensitivity to several anticancer drugs which arrest the cell cycle through different mechanisms. The present results indicated that combination of the BCR stimulation and anticancer drugs is a promising strategy for the antigen-specific depletion of pathogenic quiescent B cells.

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