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Therapeutic Strategy for Rheumatoid Arthritis by Induction of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells with High Suppressive Potential
Shohei NakanoNorihisa MikamiMai MiyawakiSaho YamasakiShoko MiyamotoMayu YamadaTomoya TemmaYousuke NishiArata NagaikeSeijun SakaeTakuya FurusawaRyoji KawakamiTakumi TsujiTakeyuki KohnoYuya Yoshida
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2022 Volume 45 Issue 8 Pages 1053-1060


Combination treatment using fingolimod (FTY720), an immunomodulator, and a pathogenic antigen prevents the progression of glucose-6-phosphate isomerase (GPI)325-339-induced arthritis. In this study, we focused on myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs; CD11b+Gr-1+ cells) and investigated the effects of the combination treatment on these cells. DBA/1J mice with GPI325-339-induced arthritis were treated using FTY720 and/or GPI325-339 for five days. The expanded CD11b+Gr-1+ cell population and its inhibitory potential were examined. The percentage of CD369+CD11b+Gr-1+ cells effectively increased in the combination-treated mice. The inhibitory potential of CD369+CD11b+Gr-1+ cells was higher than that of cells not expressing CD369. Among bone marrow cells, the expression of CD369 in CD11b+Gr-1+ cells increased following stimulation with granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor, and the expression of CD11c increased accordingly. The increased CD11c expression indicated a decrease in the potential to suppress T cell proliferation based on the results of the suppression assay. The percentage of CD11cCD369+ cells in CD11b+Gr-1+ cells that were induced by the combination treatment also increased, and these cells tended to have a higher capacity to inhibit T cell proliferation. In conclusion, the combination treatment using FTY720 and the pathogenic antigen effectively induces MDSC, which demonstrates a high potential for suppressing T cell proliferation in the lymph nodes, thereby establishing an immune-tolerant state.

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