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Cardiac Fibroblasts Play Pathogenic Roles in Idiopathic Restrictive Cardiomyopathy
Hirofumi TsuruHidekazu IshidaJun NaritaRyo IshiiHidehiro SuginobeYoichiro IshiiRenjie WangShigetoyo KogakiMasaki TairaTakayoshi UenoYohei MiyashitaHidetaka KiokaYoshihiro AsanoYoshiki SawaKeiichi Ozono
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2021 年 85 巻 5 号 p. 677-686


Background:Restrictive cardiomyopathy (RCM) is characterized by impaired ventricular relaxation. Although several mutations were reported in some patients, no mutations were identified in cardiomyocyte expressing genes of other patients, indicating that pathological mechanisms underlying RCM could not be determined by cardiomyocytes only. Cardiac fibroblasts (CFs) are a major cell population in the heart; however, the pathological roles of CFs in cardiomyopathy are not fully understood.

Methods and Results:This study established 4 primary culture lines of CFs from RCM patients and analyzed their cellular physiology, the effects on the contraction and relaxation ability of healthy cardiomyocytes under co-culture with CFs, and RNA sequencing. Three of four patients hadTNNI3mutations. There were no significant alterations in cell proliferation, apoptosis, migration, activation, and attachment. However, when CFs from RCM patients were co-cultured with healthy cardiomyocytes, the relaxation velocity of cardiomyocytes was significantly impaired both under direct and indirect co-culture conditions. RNA sequencing revealed that gene expression profiles of CFs in RCM were clearly distinct from healthy CFs. The differential expression gene analysis identified that several extracellular matrix components and cytokine expressions were dysregulated in CFs from RCM patients.

Conclusions:The comprehensive gene expression patterns were altered in RCM-derived CFs, which deteriorated the relaxation ability of cardiomyocytes. The specific changes in extracellular matrix composition and cytokine secretion from CFs might affect pathological behavior of cardiomyocytes in RCM.


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