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Preparation of Solifenacin Succinate Functional Particles Embedded in a Gelling–Swelling Layer (PEGS) and Their Formulation in Orally Disintegrating Tablets
Shin IjitsuYohei HoashiKoji HoriKazuto OkimotoToshiya KaiMiyako YoshidaTakahiro Uchida
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2021 Volume 69 Issue 5 Pages 456-463


The purpose of this research was firstly to prepare solifenacin succinate functional particles embedded in a gelling–swelling layer (PEGS) so as to achieve both taste-masking of the unpleasant taste of the drug and rapid drug elution, and secondly to incorporate these PEGS into orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs). In in vitro dissolution tests, initial drug release from the prepared PEGS could be suppressed to less than 1% after 2 min and increased to more than 85% after 30 min by adjusting the composition of the PEGS, in particular the thickness of the outer water-penetration control layer which contains a water-insoluble polymer. For the preparation of ODTs containing PEGS, a semi-direct compression method was adopted in order to prevent damage to the PEGS by processes such as granulation or compaction. The use of a fibre-shaped microcrystalline cellulose with poor fluidity improved the content uniformity of the ODTs, as the crystal fibres became entangled with the PEGS and other additives. The use of spherical mannitol with a hollow structure produced by spray drying imparted relatively high hardness and rapid disintegration properties to the final ODTs containing PEGS, which were tableted using a low compression force. There was no significant difference in the drug-release profiles of the optimally formulated ODTs containing PEGS tableted at different compression forces. The ODTs containing PEGS maintained a drug-release lag time sufficient for taste-masking of solifenacin succinate.

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