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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Vol. 44 (1996) No. 3 P 609-614



A series of analogues of BQ-123 (1), a potent cyclic pentapeptide endothelin A receptor antagonist, with amino acids linked to the side-chain of the Pro residue via an ester linkage was synthesized. All analogues synthesized exhibited potent endothelin A receptor binding affinity similar to that of 1. Of the synthesized analogues, the Lys, Arg and Nα, Nε-dimethyllysine analogues, 9d-f, exhibited about a three-fold attenuation of in vivo clearance compared with 1. In rats, these analogues exhibited a 3-fold-higher plasma concentration and a longer retention time in plasma as compared with those of 1. The attenuated in vivo clearance was thought to be a consequence of decreased extraction of the compounds from the blood via the hepatic anion transport system, which efficiently extracts 1 from the blood.

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