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Studies on Metal Chelate Compounds of Phenazine Derivatives. I. Spectrophotometric Studies on Copper Chelate Compounds of 1-Hydroxyphenazine and its Di-N-oxide.
喜谷 喜徳
ジャーナル フリー

1958 年 6 巻 5 号 p. 556-562


The properties of copper chelate compound of 1-hydroxyphenazine, which possesses one oxine-like functional group to form a chelate, as well as the composition of the chelate in solution and its dissociation constant were studied by the spectrophotometric method. 1-Hydroxyphenazine-copper chelate forms a five-membered ring compound in a neutral medium. 1-Hydroxyphenazine di-N-oxide also has a chelating functional group which seems to be a little different from the former compound, and the properties and composition of copper chelate were also investigated. The copper chelate of its di-N-oxide forms a six-membered chelate ring.

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