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C: Travel Demand Analysis and Forecast
The Parents’ Role in School Mode Choice for their Children: A Case Study in Guwahati
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2019 年 13 巻 p. 775-794


This study highlights the role of parents in the decision-making process through their perceptions of safety, economic standards, and child characteristics. Findings suggest that parents usually prefer schools near their residence, and cars are the most widely preferred mode of transport (>50%) as parents find them to be safe, fast, comfortable and reliable. Moreover, the increase in household income increases the likelihood of using cars and school buses. Further, parents allow older children to choose their preferred mode for commuting. Also, very few parents allow their children to use an active transport mode such as walking or cycling as they believe that road infrastructure lack safe crossing facilities and cycling paths. Parents highly believe that public transport such as bus with reliable, safe and up to date travel information can be an alternative mode. The study provides an insight into the present trend of school mode choice, which provides planners and policy makers appropriate knowledge source to take steps for planning a better and safer transportation system.

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