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C: Travel Demand Analysis and Forecast
Traffic Flow Management at Intersections to Reduce the Congestion based on Link Transmission Model
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2019 年 13 巻 p. 815-830


To solve the increasing urban congestion problem, intelligent transportation system (ITS) is drawing researchers’ attention. Dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) has been recognized as a significant part of ITS solutions for a long time. Most DTA approaches focused on realizing single objectives by solving routing problems but paid less attention to the intersection which is the main bottleneck of urban networks. This paper proposes a method based on the link transmission model (LTM), which manages the traffic flow of each incoming link at the intersection, to reduce the congestion when route choices are determined in advance. This method employs a local linear programming formulation so it can be added to other DTA approaches which have different global objectives. The proposed model and other LTM-based models are tested by simulation data. Results show that the congestion level in the proposed model is lower than other models, while the travel cost remains similar.

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