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C: Travel Demand Analysis and Forecast
Pedestrians Crossing Behavior in Delhi, India
ジャーナル フリー

2019 年 13 巻 p. 831-840


Pedestrians fatal traffic crashes have become a major safety problem all over the world, particularly in developing countries, due to rapid urbanization, high population density and lack of adherence to traffic regulations by pedestrians and drivers. Pedestrian fatalities from 2006-15 in Delhi, India show that pedestrians have the largest share in total road fatalities. The focus of this study is to understand pedestrians’ preferences for road crossing at mid-blocks and intersections. The Multinomial Logit model is used here to understand the relationship between demographic variables and the crossing behavior of pedestrians at midblocks and intersections. Mid-blocks crossing behavior shows that if the number of marked crosswalks is increased then it will decrease the risk of pedestrians while crossing the road. Responses at intersections is showing vigilant behavior and high-risk perception of young-aged and old-aged pedestrians.Practitioners can use these results to design safer intersections and midblocks for pedestrians in Delhi.

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