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Optimal design of non-magnetic metamaterial absorbers using visualization method
Xinxin XuQun WangZhanghong TangBiao Sun
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2014 年 11 巻 18 号 p. 20140676


This paper presents a design of thin and broadband non-magnetic metamaterial absorbers using circular loop shaped resistive frequency selective surfaces (FSS). A straightforward visual graphic representation analysis which extends the microwave impedance matching theory into wideband metamaterial absorbing structure design is carried out on the key parameters analysis of the absorbers. Absorbers with different layers are analyzed. Numerical computing results are in good agreement with the analyzed ones. The study shows that visual graphic representation analysis could greatly decrease the range of variable. The visualization method is simple and practicable to introduce the working principles of the wideband non-magnetic metamaterial absorbing structure and to derive the best-suited element for wideband absorption.

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