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Preoperative growth hormone (GH) peak values during a GH releasing peptide-2 test reflect the severity of hypopituitarism and the postoperative recovery of GH secretion in patients with non-functioning pituitary adenomas
Akimi SogaIzumi FukudaShunsuke KobayashiShigeyuki TaharaAkio MoritaHitoshi Sugihara
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2020 Volume 67 Issue 2 Pages 167-175


Non-functioning pituitary adenoma (NFPA) is one common cause of adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD). In Japan, a GH-releasing peptide (GHRP)-2 test is used to evaluate GH secretion. Although the cut-off for peak GH during a GHRP-2 test for severe AGHD is ≤9 ng/mL, severe AGHD may further diminish responses (range, nearly no-response to ≤9 ng/mL). We studied whether the peak GH responses during a GHRP-2 test could be predicted based on clinical characteristics of patients with NFPA. We compared patients with almost no-response during a GHRP-2 test with other patients considered as severe AGHD. Among the 76 patients with NFPA who were admitted to our institution, 36 patients (mean age, 61 years; male/female, n = 23/n = 13) were diagnosed with severe AGHD based on a preoperative GHRP-2 test. Based on the preoperative median peak GH concentration (2.83 ng/mL), patients were divided into two groups (<median = low or group L, n = 18; ≥median = moderate or group M, n = 18). Clinical manifestations, body mass index, severity of hypopituitarism and tumor size, volume, and extension were analyzed retrospectively. Compared with group M, group L patients were significantly older and more gonadotropin and ACTH deficient. A lower peak GH release during a GHRP-2 test was associated with a higher number of anterior pituitary hormone deficiencies across all 76 patients. Postoperatively, seven in group M and no patient in group L were assessed as having no longer severe AGHD, respectively. Preoperative peak GH concentrations assessed during a GHRP-2 test reflected the severity of hypopituitarism and the recovery of postoperative GH secretion.

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