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Two cases of symptomatic secondary hypophysitis due to Rathke’s cleft cysts treated with glucocorticoids: long-term follow-up
Hanna Deguchi-HoriuchiHisashi KoideIkki SakumaYue GaoSeiichiro HiguchiHidekazu NaganoNaoko HashimotoKentaro HoriguchiYasuo IwadateNaoko InoshitaKoutaro YokoteTomoaki Tanaka
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論文ID: EJ20-0361


Rathke’s cleft cyst (RCC) is a common incidental tumor in the hypothalamic-pituitary region. Some reports have shown that the clinical symptoms and endocrine functions of symptomatic RCCs are temporarily improved by glucocorticoid administration. However, it is still unknown whether glucocorticoid treatment is effective for symptomatic RCCs according to long-term observations. In this study, we describe the long-term clinical outcomes of two cases of glucocorticoid-treated biopsy-proven secondary hypophysitis caused by RCCs. We summarize the symptoms, imaging findings, and endocrine evaluations of two symptomatic RCC patients with concomitant hypophysitis before and after prednisolone treatment. In both evaluated cases, visual impairments and altered endocrine parameters were present due to chiasm and stalk compression; these outcomes improved after shrinkage of RCCs in response to prednisolone administration, and partial recovery of anterior pituitary hormone secretion was observed. However, in both cases, the deficits in anterior pituitary hormone secretion recurred, possibly due to persistent inflammatory infiltration in the RCCs and pituitary glands. After relapse of hypophysitis, anterior hormone secretion did not fully recover. In our cases of secondary hypophysitis caused by RCCs, prednisolone administration had an early effect of cyst shrinkage, followed by partial improvements in clinical symptoms and pituitary functions. However, long-term observation showed that prednisolone treatment did not contribute to complete improvement in anterior pituitary hormone dysfunction.

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