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Endocrine Journal
Vol. 47 (2000) No. 3 P 335-342



Multifocal fibrosclerosis denotes a combination of similar fibrous disorders occurring at different anatomical sites. We encountered a 53-year-old male patient with orbital pseudotumor, chronic paranasal sinusitis, fibrous nodules of the lungs, intracranial pachymeningitis, and panhypopituitarism with central diabetes insipidus (DI) as a possible manifestation of multifocal fibrosclerosis. It has been reported that intracranial pachymeningitis or orbital pseudotumor associated with multifocal fibrosclerosis could invade the sella turcica causing a variety of anterior and/or posterior pituitary dysfunctions. In our case, intracranial pachymeningitis apparently involved the pituitary stalk and gland. Isolated gonadotropin deficiency, in addition to central DI, preceded panhypopituitarism. Although panhypopituitarism with central DI due to multifocal fibrosclerosis is quite rare and only one case has ever been reported, this systemic fibrotic disorder can be a possible cause of panhypopituitarism with central DI.

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