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Visualization of Browning Color Formation on Grilled Fish Through a 2D Simulation
Yvan LlaveXingyi YuGenki WakisakaMika FukuokaNoboru Sakai
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2014 年 20 巻 3 号 p. 537-545


The aim of this work is to develop a 2D model for the effective visualization of browning color formation on the upper surface of a sample during far-infrared radiation heating. Temperature and color (CIE L*, a*, and b* values) at a central surface position on Japanese amberjack (Seriola quinqueradiata) and red sea bream (Pagrus major) were monitored over time. A mathematical approach was used to predict the upper surface temperature distribution according to the browning behavior of each sample by the insertion of noise functions. Estimated L*, a*, and b* values were obtained by inserting a plot of temperature profiles into the browning kinetic model. Color values were converted to an R′G′B′ color space, and the model was constructed using FEMAP software. The uniformity or non-uniformity of the browning color formation on the surface of the samples was visualized using the developed 2D model.

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