Geographical Research Bulletin
Online ISSN : 2758-1446
Nitrogen fertilizer and wheat: Achieving agricultural production and sustainable development
Tianguo LiFeng Gao
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2024 年 3 巻 p. 28-38


This article explores the importance of nitrogen fertilizer in wheat production and its impact on agricultural production and sustainable development. It first introduces the benefits of nitrogen fertilizer in promoting plant growth and increasing yields, while also pointing out the environmental challenges that excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer may bring. The article then analyzes the demand for nitrogen fertilizer in wheat and the usage patterns in different regions. It discusses the potential consequences of excessive nitrogen fertilizer use, emphasizing the importance of finding a balance in its application. Recommendations for reducing nitrogen fertilizer use are proposed, including precision fertilization and promoting agricultural sustainability. In the future outlook, the importance of improving nitrogen fertilizer management is emphasized, and the role of research, technological innovation, and international cooperation in addressing nitrogen fertilizer issues is highlighted. The article underscores that through scientifically sound nitrogen fertilizer management, a win-win situation can be achieved for wheat production and agricultural sustainability.

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