Geographical Research Bulletin
Online ISSN : 2758-1446
The impact of nitrogen fertilizer on wheat growth and management techniques
Wenjia Lu
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2024 年 3 巻 p. 39-42


This article explores the importance of nitrogen fertilizer and management techniques for wheat growth. Firstly, it analyzes the promoting effects of nitrogen fertilizer on wheat growth, including promoting plant growth, influencing yield and quality, regulating nutrient balance, and controlling pests and diseases. Secondly, it discusses the influence of nitrogen fertilizer on wheat mineral content and balance, emphasizing the importance of proper nitrogen fertilizer management in maintaining mineral balance. Finally, it presents the technical points of nitrogen fertilizer management, including soil testing, fertilization planning, fertilization methods, nitrogen fertilizer type selection, supporting measures, and monitoring adjustments. Through scientific fertilization, nitrogen fertilizer efficiency can be improved, wheat growth and yield can be promoted, and negative environmental impacts can be reduced.

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