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Vol. 123 (2003) No. 8 P 738-743




T-shape filtered arc deposition (T-FAD) is specially designed for removing melted and un-melted macrodroplets from cathodic arc plasma and shows a superior ability to prepare droplet-free thin solid films. Furthermore, T-FAD has a feature that the film formation is done mostly by ions, since the plasma transported magnetically in T-FAD system is ionized nearly 100%. In the present study, by using T-FAD system with graphite cathode, carbon film was deposited on various rubbers. The film was verified as diamond-like carbon (DLC) by Raman spectroscopy. The DLC film was adhered well to the rubber and was not peeled off when the rubber was bended and stretched. The surface morphology, coefficient of friction, and adherence of the prepared DLC film were investigated. The surface of DLC film on rubber was not flat and has random texture structure. The coefficient of friction was lower than 0.2 in most cases. In pulling-off test (JIS K 6256) for adherence evaluation, some rubbers were broken without exfoliation of the DLC film, and the DLC films on other rubbers were peeled off at 1.3-kN/m load.

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