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Vol. 136 (2016) No. 8 P 337-342




To curtail manufacturing cost of PZT pyroelectric sensor device, we reduced ion milling and ashing process by the lift-off method Pt formation and CSD method PZT thin film deposition. Remanent polarization of the PZT film on patterned Pt was approximately 2Pr = 15 µC/cm2. This value was 2/3 of all over coated Pt deposited at 600°C, but its pyroelectric current was 0.6 pA/mm2. PZT on SiO2/Si has cracks, but by splitting the SiO2 face into 20 µm rectangular through patterning Pt, these cracks were reduced to 20%. Furthermore, ladder-formed Pt electrode was satisfactory for crack-free PZT film on SiO2/Si.

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