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Korean Traditional Archery and “Sage (Archery Fraternity)”: Through Interpretation of Historical Materials of Deokyujeong*
Chanwoo Ohkuma
ジャーナル フリー

2020 年 18 巻 p. 106-121


In Korean traditional archery clubs, there are unique cultures and old customs that are not found anywhere else. This paper tried to trace the origin of the culture and customs. To do that, this study carried out research on “Sage [Archery Fraternity]”, especially the Deokyuge fraternity that existed as the central operating body on Deokyu Archery Club. The purpose of this study is to investigate the true nature and social functions of “Sage”, through a historical consideration of the organization of “Deokyuge”.

The findings were as follows:

1. Deokyuge was established to maintain Deokyu Archery Club through financial support.

2. The operating of Deokyuge was repeatedly breaking up and resuming owing to lack of funds.

3. Through moneylending business, they employed funds. The profits were used to repair archery facilities, hold regular archery competitions and mutual aid.

4. To sustain the fraternity eternally, they made detailed regulations and associated a strict mutual aid system.

5. To enter that club, they had to pay an entrance fee after judging on their personality, job and wealth.

6. Rights and duties are defined by the regulation and the position. The executive enjoyed splendor and privileges.

7. The most important function of the fraternity was supporting social success through passing the national officer certification examination. The exam was composed of several kinds of archery and horseback riding.

8. The fraternity also promptly met the needs of the times. The main function was also changed periodically. After abolition of the traditional officer certification examination, the main function of the fraternity was changed to financial and administrative agency of that village.

9. After the prevalence of modern banking and the movement to modern society, Sage decayed for a while. But, through conversion of traditional archery into competitive sport and modernization of the Sage, the fraternity was invigorated again.

10. Most of the old custom and culture of current Korean archery club were originated in the fraternity.

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