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Effects of L-Arabinose on Serum Neutral Lipid, Weights of Fat Pads and Cecum, and on Organic Acids in Cecum in Rats
Makoto FujiiMakirou HatozoeDe-Xing HouHiroo SanadaShigemitsu OsakiSusumu Hizukuri
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2000 Volume 47 Issue 3-4 Pages 355-361


The physiological effects of L-arabinose on rats (male Wistar, 5-week-old) fed a diet containing 1 or 2.5% L-arabinose together with 20% sucrose were investigated up to 30 days. First, markedly strong inhibition of L-arabinose against the rat intestinal sucrase was confirmed in vitro. The body weights of rats fed the 2.5% L-arabinose diet for 30 days were significantly decreased, but there was no significant difference in the feed conversion rate. The concentration of plasma neutral lipid and the weights of adipose tissues (epididymal and retroperitoneal depots) were significantly decreased dose-dependently with L-arabinose. The concentration of total serum cholesterol and lipid content in liver also showed a slight decrease. The weight of the cecum with contents and the amount of total organic acids, such as acetate, lactate, propionate and succinate in the cecum, were markedly increased by L-arabinose ingestion with sucrose. However, the physiological effects of Larabinose were not observed without sucrose. In conclusion, L-arabinose ingestion with sucrose appears to be effective for decreasing the serum triacylglycerol content and weight of adipose tissues, and for increasing the production of organic acids in the cecum.

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