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Dynamic analysis and structure optimization of a floating ring system in dry gas seal
Yun LIUQuanxing LIUMing YINGuofu YIN
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2018 年 12 巻 7 号 p. JAMDSM0128


Dry gas seal (DGS) is an important way for the nuclear reaction seal and the dynamic property of floating ring system (FRS) is the key to the reliability of DGS. In this study, the vibration characteristics of FRS were obtained through the test experiment under the designed multi-stage discretization operation conditions. A new dynamic model of FRS was established based on the finite element method. The dynamic analysis of FRS was achieved by the means of the pre-stressed modal analysis (PSMA). Based on the spectrum analysis of the experimental data, the modal identification was performed by peak picking method, which verified the dynamic analysis result. The results show that the dynamic performance of the FRS was not sufficient to achieve the absolute seal reliability required for nuclear reactions. An integrated structure optimization method based on the PSMA, response surface methodology (RSM) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) was used to optimize the dynamic property of FRS. The RSM and the Box-Behnken (BB) experiment design were combined to construct the complete quadratic polynomial response surface (RS) models of the natural frequency and static deformation in terms of between the optimized variables, including the uniform spring stiffness and three main axial structure sizes. Under the condition that the static deformation was less than the expected value and the natural frequency value was set as the objective function, the natural frequency was increased by 15% through the velocity- position model of PSO. It was indicated that the dynamic property of FRS was significantly improved. The dynamic analysis of FRS enriches the dynamic characteristics study of the whole DGS system and the integrated optimization method achieves the parameters optimization of DGS system applied to the nuclear reaction seal.

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