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SCCJ Cafe –Season 4–分子のかたち(5)「分子閲覧ソフト」
工藤 高裕
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2015 年 14 巻 5 号 p. A34-A37


Some molecular viewers that can visualize molecular structural data have been introduced. Those viewers can be generally classified into some categories, such as Java based, JavaScript based, WebGL based, for mobile and for PC. The Java based software that requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is widely used both for a local application and an embedding one in web pages. The JavaScript based software only requires a web browser without JRE but the response speed is lower than the Java based one. The WebGL based softwares work more lightly than the formers, but I think so far there is no software with an advanced display controller such as a command interface. For mobile devices, some molecular viewers are provided from application distribution sites, such as Google Play and App Store. Many viewers for PC environment have some advanced controllers for changing expressions of molecular modeling images and drawing them in detail. As an example, a series of operating procedure scripts for creating a molecular image using a stand-alone application, called "jV", was introduced here.

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