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Journal of Health Science
Vol. 54 (2008) No. 3 P 335-338




Iron, manganese and nickel were analyzed using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (AAS) in 50 beverages sold in Nigeria. Iron levels ranged from 0.020-2.460mg/l for canned and 0.020-2.090mg/l for non-canned beverages. In 95.24% of the canned beverages, iron levels exceeded the maximum contaminant level (MCL) of 0.30mg/l, while 75.86% of the non-canned beverages had iron levels exceeding the MCL. Manganese levels ranged from 0.001-0.730mg/l for canned and 0.001-0.209mg/l for noncanned beverages. 42.86% of the canned beverages had manganese levels that exceeded MCL of 0.05mg/l, while 51.72% of the non-canned beverages had manganese levels exceeding the MCL. Nickel levels ranged from 0.013-0.993mg/l for the canned and 0.009-0.938mg/l for non-canned beverages. 80.95% of the canned beverages had nickel levels that exceeded MCL of 0.10mg/l while 72.41% of the noncanned beverages had nickel levels exceeding the MCL. The sources of these contaminants are unclear and merit further investigation.

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