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Nutrition and Health Function
Different Effects of Lard and Vegetable Blend Oil on Intestinal Microorganisms, Enzyme Activity and Blood Routine in Mice
Bo QiaoXiaoya LiTao ZhengZhoujin Tan
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2022 Volume 71 Issue 2 Pages 301-310


The intake of moderate oils and fats is necessary to maintain the body’s energy balance, and the fatty acid composition of different oils and fats varies in their nutrition and function. The study aimed to investigate the effects of lard and vegetable blend oil on gut microbiota, intestinal enzyme activities, and blood routine. Kunming mice were assigned to the three groups: (1) Control group (CK) was gavage administration with distilled water, (2) Plant oil group (ZWY) was gavage administration with edible vegetable blend oil, (3) Lard group (DWY) was gavage administration with lard. After 42 days, microbiological, digestive enzymes, and blood routine were performed. Compared with the CK group, Escherichia coli, Lactobacilli, and Bifidobacteria were significantly decreased (p < 0.05), the activities of protease, cellulase, amylase, and xylanase were markedly reduced (p < 0.05), the hemoglobin was significantly increased (p < 0.05) in the ZWY group and DWY groups, and the hematocrit was increased in the ZWY group (p < 0.05), while other routine blood indices were increased (p > 0.05). Compared to the ZWY group, the activity of cellulase and amylase were significantly increased (p < 0.05), the intestinal microorganism and the routine blood indexes had no significant difference in the DWY group. Lard and vegetable blend oil diet affected the composition of the intestinal microorganisms, and the functions of digestive enzymes. Meanwhile, the levels of digestive enzymes may be correlated with the intestinal microbiota.

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