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Effects of Head-neck Rotation and Kinesio Taping of the Flexor Muscles on Dominant-hand Grip Strength
Jung-Hoon LeeWon-Gyu YooKyung-Soon Lee
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2010 年 22 巻 3 号 p. 285-289


[Purpose] The purposes of this study were to examine whether the asymmetrical tonic neck reflex affects the dominant-hand grip strength in healthy adults and to compare the results with the degree of grip strength achieved when Kinesio tape was applied to the flexor muscles of the dominant hands. [Subjects] The subjects were 20 men and 20 women who agreed to participate in the study. [Methods] Grip strength was measured using a Jamer dynamometer under 3 conditions: the neutral position, the head-neck system rotating toward the nondominant hand in the transverse plane, and after applying Kinesio tape to the flexor muscles of the dominant hand. [Results] In the neutral position, the grip strength of the dominant hand was significantly greater after applying Kinesio tape to the flexor muscles than that of the untaped dominant hand in the neutral position or the head-neck rotation condition in both males and females. [Conclusion] These results suggest that the muscle strength of the upper extremity in subjects with upper-extremity muscle weakness may be improved by clinical application of Kinesio taping as a supplementary measure.

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