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*脇田 健裕曽田 五月也宮津 裕次渡井 一樹
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In this study, we conducted a shaking table test using a three-story building model with the aim of suppressing damage to buildings by combining multiple damping mechanisms of viscous systems, friction systems, and fluid inertia mass systems. First of all, basic structural characteristics consisting of cold-formed steel frame shear wall with friction mechanisms are studied. Next, we examined basic response characteristics to some strong seismic waves. The shear wall energy absorption capacity increased by tightening the high-strength bolt between the frame and the face material. This shear wall can exhibit stable bilinear-type restoring force characteristics having an arbitrary yield strength by changing the tightening force of the bolt. By changing the tightening force of the bolt, it is possible to provide the test frame with any yield strength distribution to these shear walls. In the shaking table tests, it was found that this basic structure showed stable bilinear restoring force characteristics and exhibited a high response suppressing effect.

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