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Clinical and Pathological Investigations on Bovine Leukosis in Niigata Prefecture
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1987 Volume 40 Issue 7 Pages 507-512


A total of 68 cases of bovine leukosis were found in Niigata prefecture from 1970 to 1985. Of them, 43 were studied. They consisted 31 of cases of the adult type. 7 cases of the thymic type. 3 cases of the calf type. one cese of the skin type and one case of the spleen type. The adult type developed tumor in the intrapelvic organs which used to be touched by rectal palpation. The thymic type showed swelling of the thymus and thoracic lymph nodes. The calf type developed symmetrical swelling of the superfidcial lymph nodes. The skin type showed remarkable tumors in the cutaneous tissue., The spleen type had no clinical characteristics.
Pathologically, the adult type revealed massive and lumpy tumors in the serosa, loose connective tissue, urinary and genital organs, and their accompanying lymph nodes. In the thymic type, neoplastic proliferation was observed throughout such organs as the thymus, lung, liver, spleen, kidney, bone marrow and lymph nodes. The calf type had lesions similar to the those of the thymic type without tumor formation in the thymus. Neoplastic lesinons were observed in the cutaneous tissue of the skin type, and in the spleen and intrathoracic lymph nodes of the spleen type. All the cases of the spleen type and the adult type were proved to be BLV-antibody positive by the immunodiffusion test.

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