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Towards a preventive strategy for neosporosis: challenges and future perspectives for vaccine development against infection with Neospora caninum
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2017 Volume 79 Issue 8 Pages 1374-1380


Neosporosis is caused by the intracellular protozoan parasite Neospora caninum. This major disease-causing pathogen is responsible for inducing abortion in cattle, and these adverse events occur sporadically all over the world, including Japan. Currently, there are no vaccines on the market against infection with N. caninum. Because live and attenuated vaccines against N. caninum have had safety and effectiveness issues, development of a next-generation vaccine is urgently required. To develop a vaccine against neosporosis, my laboratory has been focused on the following: 1) understanding the host immune responses against Neospora infection, 2) identifying vaccine antigens and 3) developing an effective antigen-delivery system. The research strategy taken in my laboratory will have strong potential to progress current understanding of the pathogenesis of N. caninum infection and promote development of a novel subunit vaccine based on the specific vaccine antigen with an antigen-delivery system for controlling neosporosis.

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