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(Short Report)
Fate of 15N-labeled Inorganic Fertilizer in an Upland Soil Applied with Sweet Sorghum Bagasse and N Uptake Efficiency by Komatsuna Plants
Naomi AsagiTatsuya MiyaTakashi HommaFumitaka ShiotsuToshiaki KokuboYouji NittaHideto UenoTatsuo SatoMasakazu KomatsuzakiAkira Kato
ジャーナル フリー

2015 年 18 巻 4 号 p. 535-541


Sweet sorghum bagasse (SSB) is a soil amendment with potential for biofuel production. This study was conducted to determine the appropriate techniques for application of SSB and the effect of incorporation of inorganic fertilizer (IF) on the production of komatuna (Brassica rapa) plants. SSB was applied to the surface of the plant or incorporated into soil. The N fate of IF was evaluated by using 15N-labeled IF. The combination of surface application of SSB and incorporation of IF to soil decreased the N uptake by komatsuna plants but increased dry weight, whereas the incorporation of IF and SSB gave lower komatsuna dry weight than IF treatment alone. Moreover, the application of SSB tended to increase the N distribution from IF to komatsuna with decreased N loss from the plant-soil system. These results showed that surface application of SSB is effective for increasing crop production due to reduction of N loss and improved N use efficiency.



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