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Geographic Variation of the Brachypterous Grasshopper Parapodisma setouchiensis Group in Western Honshu, with Its Taxonomic Revision
Yasushi Kawakami
ジャーナル フリー

1999 年 4 巻 1 号 p. 43-61


The Parapodisma setouchiensis group (Catantopidae) is revised based on geographic variation in external morphology. This group appears to constitute a single polytypic species, P. setouchiensis Inoue, consisting of four geographic forms (Basic, Mt. Hyonosen, Tanba, and Yamato). Four taxa, Parapodisma tanba, P. yamato, P. hyonosenensis hyonosenensis, and P. hyonosenensis kibi, are treated as junior synonyms of P. setouchiensis. The polarity of character states in the P. setouchiensis group was inferred from the distribution pattern of the geographic forms. All pairs of adjacent forms intergrade through relatively narrow zones that may have originated from secondary contact. In two genital characters (triangular marking and cercus morphology), there are clines with different ranges across the boundary between the Tanba and Mt. Hyonosen forms.

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