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A New Species of Hemikalliapseudes (Crustacea : Peracarida : Tanaidacea) from the Continental Slope off Angola
Roger N. Bamber
ジャーナル フリー

2003 年 8 巻 3 号 p. 227-236


A new species of tanaidacean of the genus Hemikalliapseudes (Kalliapseudidae) is described from fine mud sediment from some 230m depth on the continental slope off Angola. While closest to the type species of the genus, H. hanstroemi Lang, 1956, it is distinguished from the two known species of the genus in having a slender, seta-bearing tubercle on the basis of the cheliped, no large tooth on the cutting edge of the chela dactylus, no ventral spiniform apophyses on the pereonites, and in having the carpus of the mature male cheliped longer than wide. The new species is from deeper waters and from a finer substratum than are the other two species.

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