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IEICE Transactions on Electronics
Vol. E94.C (2011) No. 9 P 1439-1446



Regular Section

We present an 8×8 wavelength-routing switch (WRS) that monolithically integrates tunable wavelength converters (TWCs) and an 8×8 arrayed-waveguide grating. The TWC consists of a double-ring-resonator tunable laser (DRR TL) allowing rapid and stable switching and a semiconductor-optical-amplifier-based optical gate. Two different types of dry-etched mirrors form the laser cavity of the DRR TL, which enable integration of the optical components of the WRS on a single chip. The monolithic WRS performed 1×8 high-speed wavelength routing of a non-return-to-zero signal at 10Gbit/s. The switching operation was demonstrated by simultaneously using two adjacent TWCs.

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