IEICE Transactions on Electronics
Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Print ISSN : 0916-8524
Characterization of nonlinear optical chromophores having tricyanopyrroline acceptor unit and amino benzene donor unit with or without a benzyloxy group
Toshiki YamadaYoshihiro TakagiChiyumi YamadaAkira Otomo
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論文ID: 2020OMS0010


The optical properties of new tricyanopyrroline (TCP)-based chromophores with a benzyloxy group bound to aminobenzene donor unit were characterized by hyper-Rayleigh scattering (HRS), absorption spectrum, and 1H-NMR measurements, and the influence of the benzyloxy group on TCP-based chromophores was discussed based on the data. A positive effect of NLO properties was found in TCP-based NLO chromophores with a benzyloxy group compared with benchmark NLO chromophores without the benzyloxy group, suggesting an influence of intra-molecular hydrogen bond. Furthermore, we propose a formation of double intra-molecular hydrogen bonds in the TCP chromophore with monoene as the π-conjugation bridge and aminobenzene with a benzyloxy group as the donor unit.

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