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Print ISSN : 0031-6903
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Preparation of Orally Disintegrating Tablets with Taste-masking Function: Masking Effect in Granules Prepared with Correctives Using the Dry Granulation Method and Evaluation of Tablets Prepared Using the Taste-masked Granules
河野 弥生伊東 明彦笹津 備尚町田 良治
ジャーナル フリー

2010 年 130 巻 1 号 p. 81-86


  We investigated several methods of taste masking in the preparation of orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs), using furosemide (FU) as a model drug. Four types of FU preparations were prepared: granules with maltitol (MA), granules with yogurt powder (YO), a physical mixture of FU and MA, and a physical mixture of FU and YO. All taste-masking granules were prepared using the dry granulation method. The taste of each type of preparation was evaluated. All four preparations markedly improved the taste of the FU tablets, but the mixing ratios of the correctives did not affect the masking effect. No difference in masking effect was found between MA and YO in the physical mixtures, but the masking effect in the granules with YO was superior to that of the granules with MA. Taste-masked FU tablets were prepared using the direct compression method; crystalline cellulose (Avicel PH-302) and mannitol were added as excipients at the mixing ratio of 1/1. All four types of tablets displayed sufficient hardness, but MA-containing tablets were harder than YO-containing tablets. The hardness of the tablets prepared from YO granules increased as the YO content increased. The most rapidly disintegrating tablets were those of YO granules prepared at a mixing ratio of FU/YO=1/1, which disintegrated within 20 s, followed by the tablets of MA granules prepared at a mixing ratio of FU/MA=1/1. The disintegration times of the tablets made from physical mixtures, in contrast, were longer than 200 s. Disintegration time lengthened as the mixing ratio of YO or MA increased. The hardness and disintegration time of these tablets could be controlled by varying the compression pressure. We found that YO is more useful than MA in masking unpleasant tastes and confirmed that orally disintegrating tablets with taste-masking function can be prepared using granules of YO prepared using the dry granulation method as a new corrective.

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