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2016 年 136 巻 2 号 p. 259-263


  For prevention of the aggravation of diabetic nephropathy, a treatment method that combines self-care with medical guidance is becoming increasingly important, leading to the development of programs for lifestyle modification for the patients. To assess the effectiveness of such programs, we have conducted a feasibility study of a patient self-care support program with medical collaboration by registered pharmacists in community pharmacies involving patients with diabetic nephropathy who are under treatment at medical institutions, including our hospital. This study evaluated the two primary measurements, which are A) the actual execution rate versus planned programs, and B) the patient satisfaction rate. In addition, the achievement rate of behavioral objectives, satisfaction rate of diabetes treatment, degree of concerns (Diabetes Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire; DTSQ, Problem Areas in Diabetes; PAID) and other physiological indicators have been evaluated. With the approval of the IRB at Kitasato University, sixteen out of 18 patients have continued to participate in the support program, and the study has shown high patient satisfaction with pharmacist coaching support. Patients have gained interest in managing their lifestyles, thereby increasing self-efficacy. Also, information shared between the pharmacists and the physicians has clarified patients' issues and concerns pertaining to their lifestyles, which were effectively utilized in the coaching program. Through meetings with pharmacists, patients have been reassured of the expertise of the pharmacist and thus gained mutual trust, which leads to the patient's behavioral change. We believe that the collaboration of patients, pharmacists and physicians has resulted in effective team-based patient care.

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