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Factors Influencing Parenting Stress in the Mothers of Infants and the Effects of Artwork Production
Mariko FujitaToshiyuki SugaiShin-ichi Yoshioka
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2023 Volume 66 Issue 1 Pages 159-170


Background The importance of support for the mothers of infants to cope with parenting stress due to isolated parenting environments is being emphasized. In order to reduce the parenting stress in parenting mothers while improving the quality of parenting support for them, it is important to identify factors influencing such stress. We investigated the effects of artwork production in different styles, conducted self-evaluation of such production, and identified factors influencing parenting stress in mothers, involving those who participated in a handprint artwork production workshop.

Methods We included 140 mothers who participated in a handprint artwork production workshop, dividing them into 2 groups: A: 70 with children younger than 3 years of age who engaged in artwork production alone; and B: 70 who engaged in it through collaboration with their children aged 3 years or older. The instructor distributed an anonymous, self-administered questionnaire to all the mothers, and collected their responses. The questionnaire examined the following items: attributes, the number of participations in the workshop, artwork production self-evaluation, and parenting stress.

Results There were 140 (100%) responses, and the number of valid responses was 65 from Group A and 54 from Group B, a total of 119 (85%). The mean [parenting strain] score was significantly higher in Group B. Multiple regression analysis identified the child’s age and presence/absence of his/her siblings overall and in Group A, and <confidence in one’s work>, an item for artwork production self-evaluation, in Group B as factors influencing the total [parenting strain] score.

Conclusion The present results suggest that the child’s age and presence/absence of his/her siblings could influence parenting stress in the mothers. Additionally, there was a correlation between the level of parenting stress and score for <confidence in one’s work> among the mothers who engaged in artwork production through collaboration with their children.

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