Print ISSN : 0919-2719
30 巻
  • Iyuki Namekata, Ryosuke Odaka, Shogo Hamaguchi, Hikaru Tanaka
    2002 年 30 巻 p. 1-14
    発行日: 2002年
    公開日: 2023/02/04
    ジャーナル フリー
    In this review, we provide an overview of our studies on the myocardial Na+-Ca2+ exchanger, an antiporter located on the sarcolemma that catalyzes the electrogenic exchange of three Na+ and one Ca2+, either in the Ca2+ efflux (forward) or Ca2+ influx (reverse) modes. Firstly, an inhibitor of the Na+-Ca2+ exchanger was evaluated by fluorescence microscopy and a kinetic analysis. Secondly, intracellular Ca2+ oscillations were observed by rapid scanning confocal microscopy and the role of the forward-mode Na+-Ca2+ exchanger in myocardial excitation was clarified. Thirdly, the involvement of the reverse-mode Na+-Ca2+ exchanger in cellular damage during myocardial ischemia and reperfusion was demonstrated with various fluorescent probes. Our research was supported by bioimaging technology in combination with electrophysiology and pharmacology. Bioimaging is a powerful methodology in modern biology. With some caution and effort to optimize the technology to meet research needs, bioimaging would be fruitful for all researchers.