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Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food Vol. 5(2012) No. 2

Research Paper

Deep Tillage Plough down to 600 mm for Improvement of Salt-affected Soils
—Part 2: Draught and Vertical Force Induced on Plough by Brittle Fracture—

Azuma ARAYA, Xuanrui XIONG, Huijun ZHANG, Ken ARAYA, Chinao TERAMOTO, Takashi KATAOKA, Kazuhiko OHMIYA, Feng LIU, Huibin JIA, Chunfeng ZHANG, Baoguo ZHU, Nannan WANG, Qingying MENG

Released: April 16, 2012


Tiejun ZHAO, Yanzhong ZHAO, Tatsuya HIGASHI, Masakazu KOMATSUZAKI

Released: April 16, 2012


Warachit PHAYOM, Koji IWASHITA, Masahide IWATA, Munehiro TANAKA

Released: April 16, 2012


Rice Cultivation by Direct Seeding into Untilled Dry Paddy Stubble
—Proposal of a New Seeding Method and Germination Rate with That—

Yoshifumi NISHIURA, Teruo WADA

Released: April 16, 2012


Yoshifumi NISHIURA, Teruo WADA

Released: April 16, 2012


Warachit PHAYOM, Chiharu UMEZAKI, Munehiro TANAKA

Released: April 16, 2012


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