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Volume 2 , Issue 2
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  • Kenichi Suzuki, Koji Nagai, Sigeru Miyazaki, Takesi Saito
    1988 Volume 2 Issue 2 Pages 99-107
    Published: December 25, 1988
    Released: March 01, 2008
    The distribution of the genus Saccharopolyspora in soil samples collected from the southwest islands in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, was studied. The habitation of the genus Saccharopolyspora greatly depended on soil characteristics; especially soil type and pH value, but not on organic matter content nor moisture content. The percentages of the positive soil samples for the genus Saccharopolyspora collected from sugar-cane fields, beaches (alkaline pH) and coconut yards were 83, 75 and 67 %, respectively. The largest concentrations of the genus Saccharopolyspora were found in the surface horizon (0 to 5 cm in depth), whereas no Saccharopolyspora was isolated from the horizon below 20 cm.
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