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Volume 43 , Issue 8
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Technical papers
  • Yuhi MATSUNO, Toshiaki SETOGUCHI, Shigeru MATSUO, Norimasa SHIOMI, Yus ...
    Type: Technical papers
    2015 Volume 43 Issue 8 Pages 495-502
    Published: 2015
    Released: February 11, 2018
    Recently, a separating and extracting techniques of condensate gas have been developed by combining a swirl flow with non-equilibrium condensation phenomena of condensate gas generated in a supersonic flow. However, there are many unresolved problems for performance of operating principle. In the present study, the effects of swirl number and divergent angle of inner body on non-equilibrium condensation in a supersonic annular nozzle and the effect of turbulence models on the simulated results were investigated numerically. As a result, with an increase of swirl number, the positions of onset of condensation moved upstream and mass flow rate of condensate in the range of the outer side increased. Further, it was found that the divergent angle have effects on mass flow rate of condensate in the range of the outer side significantly and simulated results using k − ω model agreed well with experimental ones qualitatively.
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