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Enhancement of Automaticity by Mechanical Stretch of the Isolated Guinea Pig Pulmonary Vein Myocardium
Shogo HamaguchiKoh HikitaYusuke TanakaYayoi TsuneokaIyuki NamekataHikaru Tanaka
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2016 年 39 巻 7 号 p. 1216-1219


The effects of mechanical stretch on the automaticity of the guinea pig isolated pulmonary vein preparations were studied in microelectrode experiments. The application of cumulative mechanical stretch to the preparations resulted in increases in the firing rate of spontaneous electrical activity in the myocardial layer. This effect was significantly inhibited by stretch-activated channel blockers such as gadolinium or streptomycin. These results suggest that acute mechanical stretch enhances the automaticity of the guinea pig pulmonary vein myocardium through the opening of the stretch-activated channels.

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